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Friday, October 8, 2010

virus attack

lost everything, its gonna be a while until i start posting again
soz guys

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Micro Tutorial Vid

This is an excellent video I've found which teaches you how to micro your units in battle.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Starcraft Patch Report: 1.1

Balance Changes

We have several balance changes in store. One general change we're making is that friendly units will no longer provide vision after being killed. Enemy units previously revealed will no longer be targetable. Now let's break down the additional balance changes we're implementing.


We're going to be adding destructible rocks to the Desert Oasis map to make natural expansions easier to protect. In addition, the center map watchtower area is being narrowed.


We have two key changes in mind for the zealot: the build time is being increased from 33 to 38 seconds, and the warpgate cooldown is being increased from 23 to 28 seconds. Zealot rushes are currently too powerful at various skill levels, particularly those that rely on rapidly assaulting an enemy base from nearby "proxy" gateways. We feel the window players have to scout for and fend off this rush is too small. We also want to address the problem of protoss being able to dump minerals a bit too quickly with the combination of warpgates and Chrono Boost.


There are several changes in the works for terrans. Reapers against zerg are stronger than expected. Due to the zealot build time increase, reapers would be a bit problematic in combination with proxy barracks, bunkers, and/or marauders against protoss. Therefore, we have decided to increase the build time of reapers as well from 40 to 45 seconds. Fast reaper + bunker, or fast marine + bunker rushes are problematic against zerg. Although this rush would never outright destroy the zerg player, we feel zerg suffers too much of a disadvantage from either having to cancel the fast expansion, or getting trapped inside the main base for too long, so we are also increasing the bunker build time from 30 to 35 seconds.

Siege tanks in large numbers are performing too well in all matchups. In the mid- to late-game, siege tanks are too dominant against all ground units. We want a small set of light and unarmored ground units to perform better against siege tanks. With this in mind, we're changing the Siege Mode damage of the siege tank from 50 to 35, +15 vs. armored; to correspond with this, damage upgrades will be changed from +5 to +3, +2 vs. armored. This change reduces the base damage of the siege tank against light and unarmored units, as well as the splash damage.

Battlecruisers currently lack good counters from the ground and still perform very well against a wide array of unit types. We're aware that it is not easy to get battlecruisers out for the cost, but at the same time, it is possible in both 1v1s and team games to create stalemate situations to bring them out. Overall, we feel that battlecruisers are too strong for their cost, and the terran-forced stalemate situations are causing less interesting gameplay. We will be lowering their damage against ground units from 10 to 8.


Ultralisk damage is being decreased from 15, +25 vs. armored to 15, +20 vs. armored. This reduction is comparable to the changes being made to the battlecruiser and siege tank. Like the battlecruiser, ultralisks are simply too powerful for the cost, even though they are difficult to muster. Also, in combination with other units, ultralisks are difficult to counter from the ground. The ultralisk building attack (Ram) is being removed because the damage rate is too similar to its normal attack, which will be used against buildings instead. When ultralisks target tightly packed smaller buildings such as supply depots, the Ram attack is actually outputting considerably less overall damage than its normal attack, as Ram only hits a single target.

And Beyond...

We are reading your posts on the forums and creating lists of features and bugs to address in future patches. We have mid- to long-term plans to further evolve the Custom Game experience, and soon, enhance our social features with the addition of chat channels. We will be sharing more specific information in the coming weeks. As with all of our previous games, we will support StarCraft II for many years to come. Your feedback and participation is critical in making this not only the best game it can be, but also the most engaged gaming community in the world. We look forward to the implementation of patch 1.1, as well as sharing our plans for our future gameplay and features.

We'll see you online!


My thoughts, siege tanks are way too good, glad they are getting nerfed.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Units that should have stayed in the game.

Firebats. Weren't they such a badass unit? Mow down grown forces like nothing. Since they are gone, the Terrans now have more trouble with all sorts of unit surrounds like ling surrounding. The hellions are NOT firebats on wheels, their splash is pathetic really and simply break like sticks.
Medics. Extremely vital unit in early stimpack strategies and are cheap counters to siege tanks and debuffs.
Goliaths. Though there is already a thor, I would like a ground anti air unit that doesn't cost buttloads and build time. Therefore, the factory units are easy prey to air units.
Spider mines. It is a shame that they are not in multiplayer, sneaky ganks would be countered.
Science vessel...defense matrix, irradiate, emp...yeah...
All other scraped units have nice replacements I believe.

REAAAVERRR. TOSS NEEDS A HEAVY SIEGE UNIT, colossus cant take out units fast enough. Also reaver drops and reaver bombs.
Arbiter. Recall may be one of the most awesome skills ever, sneaky arbiter behind someones base and then recall army inside. GG
Corsair. Disruption web is a very good skill, neutralize ground forces and tanks.

Lurkers. A zerg siege unit, stop-lurkers may be broken but that's what they're designed for and mass ground units wont stand up to them.
Scourge. Sick of void rays?
Defiler. Arguably the best spell casting unit in the history of starcraft.

We need these oldschool units back, though some of them now have nice replacements.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Idra (Z) vs Lotzeprime (P)

You need to scout man. Also the robofac's was a very nice idea to trick Idra into thinking he wasn't going voidrays.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rant 1, 4v4 and other shit

So I've been playing a lot of 4v4 lately and most of the maps I've played on had dual bases which means 2 bases with 1 ramp. My rant is about stupid idiotic team mates who don't bother to help block the very wide ramp even as a terran and even if they do, they somehow screw it all up by leaving an ambiguous gap to let zealots or lings in.

Why am I so serious about league? I dunno, maybe I want to have fun and getting fucked by a retarded push which I did not certainly deserve is not my way of having fun.

Also, about 4/5 Protoss I play with/against always go voidrays....yes, destroying bases with some powerful beams before nerf may be fun but how are people going to deal with it when it gets countered? Is that all protoss players want to do? Just play with voidrays and nothing else the protoss can offer? It's the same as seeing the same Ken vs Ryu match up in every street fighter game. (Yes, I'm a hardcore sf fan too [may make another blog about it])

I never play 1v1 because the opponent is always up to some bullshit like 6rax or cannon rush. It's not like I hate being cheesed but it is every single 1v1 match, every opponent of mine is cheesing. Every time I scout and see a proxy rax, I automatically win and that is shit because I hoped to have a nice long game.

How to counter 6rax, 6pool, cannon rush or proxy gates.
1. Scout, use your 6 or 8th builder and go look around. With this, you will be able to tell if your opponent is cheesing or not.
[Places to scout: corners of base, natural expo and outskirts of base.]
2. Defending, as a terran, blocking is essential so use minerals on another supply depot to close that little gap even if you don't need the supply. Then continue to create marines, repair and proceed with building a better army as cheese players have bad income.
As a zerg, pump out those lings, you will have 6 lings by the time he has 1 unit. If the cheese is a little late but still deadly, put spine crawlers up and start getting banelings.
As a protoss, same deal with zerg.
Recap: cancel your expos/factory and build an early army to counter cheese. Defend well
3. Finishing off, if you have defeated the cheese, move to his base, he will have nothing.