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Tuesday, September 7, 2010



CyberGamer is proud to announce the Western Digital PSI STORM 2010 StarCraft II Tournament, with $5000 in CASH prizes thanks to Western Digital's VelociRaptor! CyberGamer and Western Digital are striving to bring the ultimate StarCraft community experience to everyone in the Oceania and Southeast Asia regions. A large part of this is providing everyone with the chance to participate in the largest and most influential tournaments available to Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asian players. What better way to show our support for the Oceania community than by teaming up with Western Digital to present to you the premier SC2 event for the SEA sever.

The WD Psi Storm 2010 event not only boasts a whopping AUD $5000 prizepool but it's also open to EVERYONE native to the SEA server - Australians, New Zealanders and Southeast Asians can all participate. There's no limit to the number of players, no limits on skill or league, no special invites, and prizes go all the way down to the top 16 players meaning almost everyone has a shot at a prize. How can you be a part of the largest community tournament for the Oceania region? Read on...

Find Out More

LIVE broadcast of the best games!


In addition to the completely open tournament registration you can get your dose of Psi Storm 2010 action each week with broadcasts, VODs, showmatches, replays, weekly shows by Gamestah, and more! Dedicated staff will be more than willing to answer questions you may have about participating in or spectating the event, and anything else you care to bring up!

Note that throughout the tournament the full CyberGamer StarCraft II Ruleset will be in full effect and breaking one or more of the rules at the attending admin's discretion may incur heavy penalties. Foul play and cheating will immediately disqualify you from the tournament.

Get Involved
Open registration! Unlimited players!


Any Australian, New Zealand or Southeast Asian resident playing on their own SEA server account may participate in this tournament. Registration for the four qualifier events will open 2 weeks before the event is scheduled to run, and you can sign up via the CyberGamer events system. To see more information on the individual qualifiers see the list below:
  • Psi Storm Qualifier #3, #4- TBA

The Community
Meet the sponsors and players!

"Western Digital is delighted to be the exclusive sponsor for the CyberGamer and the PSI Storm 2010. WD looks forward to seeing the gathering of the fans for StarCraft 2 and we wish all the participants to enjoy the tournament"
says Shirley Koh Regional Marketing Manager Western Digital APAC.

On behalf of all of the CyberGamer StarCraft II staff, happy gaming and have fun getting involved! GL HF



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