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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rant 1, 4v4 and other shit

So I've been playing a lot of 4v4 lately and most of the maps I've played on had dual bases which means 2 bases with 1 ramp. My rant is about stupid idiotic team mates who don't bother to help block the very wide ramp even as a terran and even if they do, they somehow screw it all up by leaving an ambiguous gap to let zealots or lings in.

Why am I so serious about league? I dunno, maybe I want to have fun and getting fucked by a retarded push which I did not certainly deserve is not my way of having fun.

Also, about 4/5 Protoss I play with/against always go voidrays....yes, destroying bases with some powerful beams before nerf may be fun but how are people going to deal with it when it gets countered? Is that all protoss players want to do? Just play with voidrays and nothing else the protoss can offer? It's the same as seeing the same Ken vs Ryu match up in every street fighter game. (Yes, I'm a hardcore sf fan too [may make another blog about it])

I never play 1v1 because the opponent is always up to some bullshit like 6rax or cannon rush. It's not like I hate being cheesed but it is every single 1v1 match, every opponent of mine is cheesing. Every time I scout and see a proxy rax, I automatically win and that is shit because I hoped to have a nice long game.

How to counter 6rax, 6pool, cannon rush or proxy gates.
1. Scout, use your 6 or 8th builder and go look around. With this, you will be able to tell if your opponent is cheesing or not.
[Places to scout: corners of base, natural expo and outskirts of base.]
2. Defending, as a terran, blocking is essential so use minerals on another supply depot to close that little gap even if you don't need the supply. Then continue to create marines, repair and proceed with building a better army as cheese players have bad income.
As a zerg, pump out those lings, you will have 6 lings by the time he has 1 unit. If the cheese is a little late but still deadly, put spine crawlers up and start getting banelings.
As a protoss, same deal with zerg.
Recap: cancel your expos/factory and build an early army to counter cheese. Defend well
3. Finishing off, if you have defeated the cheese, move to his base, he will have nothing.


  1. some days ago was the starcarft 1 league final
    you shoudl watcxh the replay and rant about this damn 4pooling

  2. The only thing I care about is 1v1. Those other leagues are just for shits 'n giggles.

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  4. nice tips, it's very cool of you to write about this.

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  6. i will def be using these tips when i pick up sc2 this week

  7. nice guide man!
    need some "Support" on starcraft, im pretty bad